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Published: November 01, 2022 y.

Key skills for a healthy lifestyle

CATEGORY: health,development,lifestyle

Each day is repeating, cycle of days in a week, month, and year. Each unique day is the whole opportunity to build your dream life. Day by day and you will come to the life you dreamt of. But now, we are talking not about dreams and the ways how to reach planned goals. We will lead a discussion about a healthy lifestyle, daily routine, habits, and the key skills that need to develop in yourself.

If you still thoughts that you will live and do some healthy stuff after when something happens, then you are making a mistake. It is only one life and no other else. You should realize that factor and build today the right habits in your daily life. It is easy to do, and that is even good for your body. Perhaps it is hard on the first step, but with time it will become your nature.

Also, you need to understand the difference between your types of health and the relationship between them. Physical (body), psychological (mind), and spiritual (energy) health has different methods and techniques for improvements. They are related to each other.

The daily routine is similar to program execution. You first begin to motivate yourself, after planning your actions, and later programming and program execution. When you finally integrated healthy habits into your daily being, you need just only control over the result. The only thing that one needs to know is what exactly one needs to do for leading a healthy lifestyle. So, let’s see the list below with habits that will make your life healthy and improve you in a common.

  1. Wake up in the first minutes after you opened your eyes;
  2. Drinking a glass of water or juice;
  3. Do not think about anything in the first hour after awakeness. The first hour in your brain began the process of destroying the biochemical element Melatonin (hormone of sleep). So, after when you drank one glass of juice immediately execute warm-up;
  4. After one hour of physical exercise, you should switch your attention from the body to your mind. Take paper and pen, and begin to write your thoughts. Everything that you have in your mind. You will activate your mind. You will activate the process of thinking logically. You will recover your memory, and your brain in general.
  5. On the five-step, you shall remember yourself, your intentions, and your goals. And time for breakfast. Good nutrition is a crucial aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle. Eat some eggs with meat or milk with cheese. 
  6. So, it’s time to create a list of the most important tasks today. But before first rewatch your common goals for the year.
  7. The morning is the best time to read and study something new. Determine knowledge that you want or need to study and read something ½ or even one-hour new information.
  8. Is time to walk in the fresh air. Go to the city and walk around the town. That will give you inspiration for moving forward.
  9. Get back home and power on your computer/laptop. We are living in the 21st century, so in time when you read these words, you should have not only your laptop but also your web application. So, rewatch your web application.
  10. It’s time for a coffee break. Now you are ready to move forward. Whatever business you keep in coffee time you should know your future actions today.
  11. Digital working;
  12. Networking (meeting, negotiation, relationships);
  13. It’s time for lunch.

So, that is passed half of the day a healthy lifestyle. After lunch takes a break for half an hour and later the next half of the day you need to control your health program and move forward.

The key aspect of a healthy lifestyle is:

- Self-discipline;

- Regular sport;

- Healthy nutrition;

- Self-education & Self-development;

- Motion (walking, running);

- Achievements new goals;

- Rest & sleep;

- Following your authentic goals.

This life is not a miracle as in the movies and everything that have good qualities for you and the environment might be reached with help of hard work. You might have difficulties in the first weeks, but when these habits will become your daily routine, you will just going to live and lead a healthy lifestyle.

About healthy lifestyle, personality development, business achievements, and many more, you can find in the non-fiction book “Spirit $kill$”. The book focused specifically on International Freelancers who are living and working in remote mode. The book contains hundreds of skills and step-by-step guides on how to achieve the necessary results in each sphere of your life.



Published: September 16, 2022 y.

Active intellectual way of life

CATEGORY: health, sport, development

     A successful, prosperous, and healthy lifestyle is an aspect of daily life for the harmony of body, mind, and soul. Those who allow themselves to enter success in personal and business life, live in material abundance and make a strong, athletic, sexual body can begin improvement personalities. That is important for everybody who works in offices, on the computer, and any category of people who lead a sitting lifestyle. In the modern digital world, everyone has a problem with physical health, psychological aspects of life, and difficulties with a relationship in social life.

​     Informational workers often begin their day with the morning routine. They drive to the workplace, execute office stuff, and finish their day with the evening routine. That is a cycle day-by-day routine, five days per week. Frequently everybody carries only their work responsibilities and supports healthy life in the family. An intellectual lifestyle has many advantages, but not without the negative aspects of human life.

Benefits of working on the computer, at home, or in the office:

  • No need to physically overwork;
  • Work in a clean and comfortable place;
  • Perspective for the growth of career;
  • Corporate bonuses and awards;
  • Prestige and respect in the social environment.

How is not strange, but these categories of professions have more salary than physical workers, and in sociality, for you, others have a more loyal relationship and respect. That is pretty good if you do not have a problem with your health.

Disadvantages of a sedentary lifestyle:

  • Deterioration in general physical health;
  • Deterioration in general psychological health;
  • Los of motivation to achieve the result in every area of your life;
  • Deterioration in mood and sexual libido;
  • Deterioration of relationships: in the family, with friends, colleagues, etc.

     So, each sphere of activity has two sides to one medal. That means what you need to enter into your lifestyle changes will improve the quality of your life. Exactly an active and intellectual way of life is the best solution, which has many positive aspects of reality. That is the right choice for living successful and full-fledged life. That goal is not temporary. That is a lifestyle that you should integrate into your subconscious and lead an active intellectual image of life daily.

Hard work – great results

     In the first step, the first week, that might be hard to integrate some new activities into your schedule, but after a not long time of hard work, you will enjoy a great result. More than that, you will not come to your past lifestyle, which creates problems in your personal, business, and social life. Of course, achieving the necessary result to improve life needs hard work, but after only a month, you will transform your life. You will begin to lead an active intellectual way of life simply.

An active intellectual way of life includes in yourself rows of improvements:

  • Harmony of body, mind, and soul;
  • Improves memory;
  • Strengthen immune system;
  • Improves mental health;
  • Relieve stress;
  • Improves concentration of attention;
  • Healthy sleep;
  • And many others, as physical, also psychological improvements will be in your life.

     That is real life in which everything is easy, but not immediately can it be possible to live a happy and successful life. Without hard work, you do not achieve great results. That is the nature of being similar to the process of tree growing. You must have patience and perseverance before the move to the finish line. In the list below, you see the methods that should be in your daily routine.

Improvement methods for the quality of life:

  • Daily walking (no less than 2 miles);
  • Exercise your body daily;
  • Read as much positive material as you can;
  • Study foreign language;
  • Practice affirmations;
  • Eat healthy food;
  • Visualize your dream life;
  • Radiate joy and gratitude;
  • Lead personal diary;
  • Tracking success;
  • Communicate only with smarts and positive thinking people;
  • Enough resting and sleep.

     The process of transforming your life into a new realm of reality can continue during 4th week. The first week is the hardest when you are just beginning, and that is point A. In two weeks, you will feel that all these activities are simple to execute than in the past week, and that is point B. In the third week, you will begin to think about that work is done, and give a rest for yourself, you will relax what you have already achieved your goal, but that is not the end, that the point C. Exactly on the fourth week you finally will feel results from the work what you did. In three weeks, you will move forward from point C to D. In the last week, you finish and will begin automatically to lead an active intellectual way of life, and that is the end of point E.

Motivation for the movement

     Everything is possible in this world if you have strong confidence, intentions, and self-motivation. Exactly motivations play an important role in achieving great results in your life. If looking on chain of sequences that will be like: motivations -> intentions -> actions -> control over the result. When you are reimagining your lifestyle, you will be in a state: of disappointment, laziness, unmotivated, disinterest, and nonsense, and you might make an error to break the process of improving your life. Do not allow yourself to have these negative emotional states. After four weeks of hard work and motivating yourself, you will reach your goals. 

The technique of self-motivation:

  • Reward yourself;
  • Feel yourself a superstar;
  • Keep learning;
  • Motion creates emotion;
  • Challenge yourself with a daily goal;
  • Remember what motivated you;
  • Motivation is internal.

     You should have the right mindset about healthy life, commandments for yourself, and credo rules, which you will be following for them. It is a simple habit that might integrate into your being in not so long time, with systematic repetition. The right skills will give you great fruits in the future. Hard only the first time, but after only four weeks of hard-worked, you will begin to get results. You will be automatically and without coercion leading an active intellectual way of life. Your productivity the work grows a few times, you will feel happy, joyful, and grateful, your relationships in the social environment be better, and generally, life will become qualitative.

Do not think, but start immediately

     Do not even try to put back these mentoring on the shelf and think about what your life will change in a better way without actions. No, start immediately, put before yourself correct goals, define what you want to improve in your life, and create a list with corrected motivations. Begin to say to yourself that you can do this. Ready to live a full-fledged, happy, and successful life right now. Do not put today's tasks on tomorrow. Enough think about your dream life, enough spend your time without avail, be productive, be disciplined, and be ready to improve your life better, as you can.


Published: October 26, 2022 y.

Characteristic of time

CATEGORY: education

     Time is an abstract concept that cannot be perceived with the help of the sensory system (eyes, ears, taste, etc.). Time is an action, or motion which has been determined and calculated with the use of math science. Time had become the nature of human beings and the system of measurement of the progress of achievements in human businesses. Time has become a value of education, success, wealth, and so on. Time is an unstoppable process which everyone may to intense as their wishes.

     Each human lives in this life just only one time from the born to die. His or her heart bit on a cycle basis if looking on for that from the arranged viewpoint. But when you look at human life over the scale of centuries, human life, heartbeat has a linear progression. The human body has the property to complete the function of blood circulation. That is the nature of human beings.

Time has the next characteristics:

  1. Scale (ordinal, discrete, continuous)
  2. Scope (point-based, interval-based)
  3. Arrangement (linear, cyclic)
  4. Viewpoint (ordered, branching, multiple perspectives)

     Each property consists of a few other preferences. So, clearly understand time conception, you should remember your history. Actions that had, was/were, had been in your past. As you already know the time might be fixed in motion. So, let's try to remember the actions of your life and understand which characteristic of time you can to descry at some point in the past.

     In a time when you acquire time conception, you simultaneously develop in yourself the skill of time management. That skill is essential in the modern world. Where everything has a value of counting and reports. Orientation in time, and managing your personal time is much quality to improve your life! Value your time as it is do not cost the money.