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Published: October 11, 2022 y.

Successful International Business – Action Plan

CATEGORY: entrepreneurship

Successful International Business – Action Plan

          Nowadays, the era of great opportunities for entrepreneurs of different sizes. In the new innovative digital world, everyone uses computers, laptops, smartphones, and other digital devices for ordering, buying, selling, etc. Entrepreneurs may allow their business to come out from local areas (city, district, country) and begin to lead deals on Global Marketplace. International business is not something new for nobody, but it is still an actual theme that will be profitable for at least the next 20++ years, no less. Digital technologies have grown and give more and more possibilities to expand the business to the next level. The question is only one – how to build a successful International Business via Internet?

What would you need to know?

          Business is not an Informational Technology. That is the first what you need to know. International Business might be possible to build with the use of telecommunication technologies: Mobile networks, Internet. There are the minimum requirements for beginning to lead a successful International Business. In the next step, you need to have your professional web application, which will take care of all business documentation processes required in government and among business players. You must have a minimum it is a business card with quality and informative presented information about your business. That must be a fundament to becoming International Businessman. 

           The second stage, which contains many substeps, is International relationships. But a network is not so easy to build if you have only based web application. Remember, we live in the era of innovative digital technologies where business cards will not give some serious impression and relation to your business.

The most realistic reasons to be visible in the Global marketplace:

-         Equipped with modern digital technologies inside the company

-         Created and worked online on own unique web application

-         Ready to action hired personal

-         Integrated social API for fast cooperation

-         Created groups in Social Networks – SMM

-         Often updating creative content

All these criteria are not all from the list of reasons that will give you the possibility to lead a successful International Business. If you still do not have your web app, have the meaning you minimum need to order a basic web app and visualize and describe your business in textual elements. That method has the name MVP (Minimum Viable Product). It means you will spend minimum time and money building a fundamental web app in the digital world.

Steps to come away on Global Market

          It presented to be possible to do with the use of tens of text pages of information - it method will be boring and spend many times understanding – what exactly is necessary to do for building your International Business. So, as you already know, we are living in an era of new digital information technologies. With the help of programming languages, it might be possible to represent Action Plan in a more readable format. So, on how to begin that process of going away on the Global Marketplace, let’s see the steps below.

  1. Contact us
  2. Create an account in web-office as an employer
  3. Explain your business activity in simple words
  4. Select a time for the video meeting
  5. Tracking progress in WEB-OFFICE

Cooperation with LLC “UKRSTUDIO” is a smart decision

                Professional specialists from different areas will take care of the process of developing a web application in their hands. In LLC “UKRSTUDIO” works with qualified freelancers with developed skills who perfectly know how to implement the process of visualization and computerization of your business step by step. For everything you need to do, contact us with comfortable methods of connection (messengers, phone, web office). Do not put away the opportunity to expand your business to the new edges. We are whole time working online and provide stable tech support 24/7. So, you may be calm and confident in the things that we are doing. Trust us, we will help you to reach incredible success in the digital world.


Published: November 02, 2022 y.

Digital marketing is an important process in modern business world

CATEGORY: marketing,infrastructure

Old methods to attract new customers are passed away on the shelf. Traditional marketing became standard and simple for clients. Advertisements on TV, Radio, Billboards, and other existing methods lost the power to influence decisions among customers. Advertisements in physical reality stopped impressing and influencing subconsciousness. They are as appear in a temporary short time and disappear after when observer's power of TV or had come away from the place where he/she saw ADS.

Digital advertising is also as displayed, as on has disappeared. But they are is always in your pocket. Technological devices remembered all activity of your browser. Everything interesting to you is recorded in databases and analyzed. To on fact of your interests and needs for you showing special propositions, offers in different places on the websites.

The most common digital ADS that you may see is:

-   Textual;

-   Banner image (static/animation);

-   Pop-up windows;

-   Video on HTML or FLASH players;

-   All of these may to displayed on PC/Laptops/Tables/Smartphones.

Digital marketing is not only Advertising via the Internet. It is a new methodology for promoting your business brand, products, or services in the modern social world. Approximately 70% of civilians connected to the Global Network and all that users want or need to have they are can find in search systems.

In E-marketing exist many different techniques and they are has a lot of branches. The most popular and demanded web marketing techniques are:

-   SEO promotion;

-   SMM activities;

-   E-mail offers;

-   SEA – Search Engine Advertising;

-   Direct traffic on the business website.

It is not the full list of existing opportunities to attract new clients to make an order for your product or service.

In digital business became necessary to have your web application where customers can meet your business's full-fledged vision. You can represent everything that will be useful and necessary to know for customers. Web-app is not only a brochure or business card it is a complex programming technique that will allow to you conclude a deal right on to the website. Web marketing will become 50% efficient if you have your business app. So, do not waste your time. Build the base web app in time when you are entering the Global Market.

If web application development is a linear goal that has a finish line from point A to B. Digital marketing has a cycle progression when you need all the time to promote your business via the Internet. People became to spend more time on Internet, social networks, and other web services. Exactly in time when they are using their devices, your product/service might be visible to them.

Web marketing is a whole profession and will be better to hire professionals who know how to use hundreds of tools:

-   Analytical tools;

-   Promotional tools;

-   Social services;

-   Advertising services;

-   Administration and so on.

You can find qualified freelancers who will be working remotely in Ukrstudio Job Center. The web office created special functionality to contract with different types of professionals. An important moment in the choice of specialist is the level of mastery.

Register in the Ukrstudio Web office and browse the list of professionals who are detailed and described in them step-by-step guides on how they will promote your business via the Internet. Web marketing must become your daily responsibility.


Published: September 16, 2022 y.

Smart business management

CATEGORY: entrepreneurship, leadership, management

     Profitability, reputation, and development are criteria of business management that must be under control full-time. Each business has the same problems with customer attraction, contracting with partners, hiring qualified specialists, etc. No matter what size the company, foremost is how it is qualified to carry out and manage a business in the present day. 

     Any business falls into three categories: production, trading, and provision of services. These categories entire in different sectors of the economic: agro-industrial, industrial, and post-industrial sectors, also allocated separately info-innovative sectors, in what included: IT, E-commerce, and Science. Generally, the economy of any country might be possible to imagine in a timeline, from the beginning to the end of our modern technological world. 

The infrastructure economy has niches:

Agro-industrial sector

  • Forestry;
  • Fishery;
  • Agriculture;
  • Mining;

Industrial sector

  • Building;
  • Production;
  • Engineering;

Post-industrial sector

  • Transportation;
  • Trading;
  • Social services;

Info-innovative sector 

  • Banking;
  • Creative activity;
  • IT;
  • Scientific research, etc.

     Entrepreneurs lead their businesses in different spheres of activity and cooperate. Each company is dependent on each one. Each process in the company needs controlling, tracking, and recording to analyze the progress. In management, responsibilities include many aspects which are crucial in growing a whole company, as a profit which bringing the business.

     Whatever steps your business is already working on, each step must smartly manage and provide his on to the next level. A successful business might separate into the 7th step, and each step needs to make the right decisions. 

Steps of growing any business:

  1. Start-up capital;
  2. Launch work process;
  3. Registration and licensing;
  4. Advertising;
  5. Expansion;
  6. Issue of shares;
  7. Business insurance.

     Before are begin to launch the work process, needed to define a niche and analyze the market and necessity of products or services. An entrepreneur must see the perspective of growth, predict future profits, calculate expenses on material and technical support, expenses on specialists, rent place of work, etc. 

Digitalizing business

     In the 21st century, the modern technological world will be the right choice for configuring business processes, automating selling, adjust logistics using engineering and information technology. Digitalization of business is necessary for achieving good results in each aspect of business management. Exactly, for the category of traders and provision of services that are the best choice, as for start-ups, also for is already developed companies. Without Informational Technology become possible to lead a business only in a local place where the base of the located firm. Also, the ancient methods for informing and searching for new clients will be more expensive than with the help of mobile networks, television, and via the Internet, but not without the oldest billboards, advertisement in stores, newspapers, posters in the metro, etc.

     New innovative technology allows recording all business activity in your pocket (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop). Even more with the use of professional web services become possible to manage:

- Chain of producing product;

- Monitoring productivity of personal;

- Controlling quality released product;

- Cooperate with partners B2B;

- Cooperate with customers B2C;

     Digital technology will help to expand the edge of business on the global layer. Relieve the process of managing means registration of employees, salary distribution, deliveries of raw materials, and delivery to the final consumer. Commonly, everything that entire businesses responsibilities possible to digitalize and control them remotely.

Commandments for the businessman 

     In the first step growth of a business, each entrepreneur must be ready to lead their team, execute all responsibilities, collaborate with partners, be knowledgeable in the technical process, and many others. Even if the company is already developing and somebody occupies some position in the management department. Everyone who occupies a high hierarchy role in the company should support commandments for the businessman, has a pack of hard and soft skills, be self-controlled, and self-discipline must have 100% responsibility for the result. 

Commandments of a businessman:

- 100% responsibility for the result;

- Correct goal setting;

- Correct motivation;

- Self-development, communication, and environment;

- Do not think, but act. Get the result now!

- Systemize and delegate;

- Money and reinvestment. 

     Entrepreneurs, project managers, and other professionals should be confident in their abilities and skills. Has a perspective vision for making the right decision, set up and executing the primary goals immediately, has good planning skills, must be communicative, insistence, and have a sense of purpose. Leadership is not easy as it might to seems is a hard job with self-improvement and self-perfection. Infinity process, which spending many energy and time to achieve a great result. Always need to develop not just necessarily hard skills for the work but also intrapersonal skills.

Business management automation

     Whatever company produce, trade, or provide social services, everything has a cyclist. That is already created many quality tools for the leading business in automated mode. In current years defined almost all human activities and created many work tools. That helping simplification and automation of any process that can exist in different spheres of activity. For the company, growth needs to invest money in development, buy new innovative tools, improve the quality of products, improve relations with partners, establish stable supplies, and in the end need to ensure the company and release its shares.

        Everything begins with small steps. With a time of hard-working, the small firm grows into a giant organization, separated into departments with different responsibilities. When needed to manage a whole business system with many processes, it’s time to integrate new engineering and information technology which will help to automate all work. The modern social world has solutions that help to automate any existing business process. Necessary to pay attention to investment to spend a lot of money on equipment, software, and qualified specialists.


Published: September 18, 2022 y.

Efficiently cooperation

CATEGORY: leadership, management

     In the modern social world, everything is digitalized, configured, and automated for collaboration between clients, partners, and colleagues. Nowadays, each entrepreneur has different work tools, which qualify for improving work processes, organizing business responsibilities, and generally making work comfortable. 

     Each business needs to cooperate with clients, partners, and colleagues. Concerning how qualitative implementation cooperation has value for future company profits, reputation, and development. Inside the company works different categories of employees, and if looking at them from the top, execute their work synchronously. Simultaneously in other places, other companies which produce, trade, or provide services might be needed for your business. These companies will become your partners. And of course consultation and offers for customers, where also occurs collaboration.

      Cooperation is close with attitude towards each other and who with whom works or negotiates. Firstly, needed to be intrapersonal is can correctly explain to yourself emotions and feelings, control the flow of thoughts that move each day and intentions, and have the necessary abilities and skills in specializations. Each self-respected person should have organized a daily life cycle, support stability in personal life (family, friendship), and be productive in business. Secondly, needed to be interpersonal who are always communicate and support positive relationships among clients, partners, and colleagues. 

Clients, partners, colleagues

      A business world is similar to a wild jungle where everyone tries to eat each other. And usually survive those businessmen who are more powerful. In any case, the necessities of searching for a new client have not disappeared.

Methods of attracting customers:

  1. Word of mouth;
  2. Social activity: forums, chats communities;
  3. Thematic webinars, conferences, and events;
  4. Company blog;
  5. Email marketing and mailing;
  6. Contextual advertising and targeting;
  7. Freelance exchange;
  8. Registrars IP and LLC;
  9. Partnership;
  10. Walking tour of offices;
  11. Cold calls;
  12. Leaflets for offices.

Whatever method of attracting new clients is usable, the main criterion is to do that systematically. As is known, cooperation relationships keep trust, emotions, and results from each one. So, you should try something new, have a creative approach to cooperation, and use innovative digital technology. These methods will help businesses build long-term relationships.

Building collaborative relationships

      Each business must have stable profits from sales or services provided, and as a fact, that is possible with the help right relationships between the company, clients, and partners. From relating to what category of activity (production, trading, service) you have, related necessities in relationship with partners. In manufacturing, an enterprise cannot work without partners, as executing the process of creating new products requires many different equipment, details, and specialists in various areas. Thankful partners become possible to create a whole factory, which will be working on a cycle basis. That means what needs to find and build the right relationships in what each side will be in profits.

Generally, all societies or social environments consist of citizens of different nations, social classes, and relations. That is a client who is interested in your product or services. Based on the category of people belonging to a social class, it is possible to determine with whom the cooperation will take place, profit can be reachable, and the prospect of future relations.

Social classes:             

  1. Underclass 3-5%;
  2. Economy class 10-15%;
  3. Comfortable class 60-70%;
  4. Business class 15-20%;
  5. Elite class 5-10%.

Building collaborative relationship needs to create optimized and organized work between each one. Separate all responsibilities evenly for each part of the team.

Negotiation techniques

      Exist two main types of negotiation. That is mutualization and counterattack. The first type of negotiation is optimal for long-term relationships, where each side has a winning end. The second type is going to win only one side, where the other side must accept their terms with the fact of hopelessness. Counterattack often works in negotiations among companies of different sizes, relevance in their product or services, and dependent on the level of professionalism to lead negotiations.

People always lead negotiations in different spheres of life, that possible to be a personal negotiation at home, between parts of the family, with friends, etc., and also business negotiation where need to achieve the put goals from negotiation between two companies. In any one case, one needs to use some skills in each type of negotiation, for the achieving a successful result in any situation, exactly:

  1. Reciprocity / Confidence – communication with other personalities needs to be confident and exhibit reciprocity. It will build deep relationships and create a more favorable position for you from the interlocutor. 
  2. Likeability / Friendliness – that is a base for each relationship. When you exhibit likeability for others, you immediately change your relationship with yourself. That more likeability you have from others than easily you can to influence on them, because of appearing a trust.
  3. Consistency / Listening – listen attentionally to your interlocutor and follow the consciousness of your discussion. That crucial skills for building a good connection between each. The rule of “Hear-Say” will help you to keep good conversation.
  4. Social proof / Feel empathy – when you accent your attention to the interlocutor, needed to prove their words and position. You enter the interlocutor into a state of uncertainty about what he is right. When your appointment is in a state of confusion and uncertainty, you gain an advantage and control over his mind. Also, empathy helps you enter (her) comfort zone and gain trust.
  5. Authority / Hear-say – in that world exist many authorities, and authority has its mind and opinion, so they need to speak more professionally and lead conversation smarter. Those people destroyed many stereotypes in their minds, and they more enlightened and with a clear mind. Listen to them carefully and say something factual that will give you build more quality relationships between us.
  6. Scarcity / Presentation skills – When presenting yourself or presenting something else, you need to accent your attention on what scarcity is. People always want these think about what is low in the world.
  7. Unity / Smart trust – people are afraid of being lonely and always strive for a unification union. Therefore, when saying that it is necessary to unite, be sure that everyone will agree. But do not forget about enlightened trust. If everyone is united and trusts each other, this does not mean that you can trust everyone.

Anybody wants to win and be in profit, but not each has developed professional communication skills and led a winning negotiation!