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     Profitability, reputation, and development are criteria of business management that must be under control full-time. Each business has the same problems with customer attraction, contracting with partners, hiring qualified specialists, etc. No matter what size the company, foremost is how it is qualified to carry out and manage a business in the present day. 

     Any business falls into three categories: production, trading, and provision of services. These categories entire in different sectors of the economic: agro-industrial, industrial, and post-industrial sectors, also allocated separately info-innovative sectors, in what included: IT, E-commerce, and Science. Generally, the economy of any country might be possible to imagine in a timeline, from the beginning to the end of our modern technological world. 

The infrastructure economy has niches:

Agro-industrial sector

  • Forestry;
  • Fishery;
  • Agriculture;
  • Mining;

Industrial sector

  • Building;
  • Production;
  • Engineering;

Post-industrial sector

  • Transportation;
  • Trading;
  • Social services;

Info-innovative sector 

  • Banking;
  • Creative activity;
  • IT;
  • Scientific research, etc.

     Entrepreneurs lead their businesses in different spheres of activity and cooperate. Each company is dependent on each one. Each process in the company needs controlling, tracking, and recording to analyze the progress. In management, responsibilities include many aspects which are crucial in growing a whole company, as a profit which bringing the business.

     Whatever steps your business is already working on, each step must smartly manage and provide his on to the next level. A successful business might separate into the 7th step, and each step needs to make the right decisions. 

Steps of growing any business:

  1. Start-up capital;
  2. Launch work process;
  3. Registration and licensing;
  4. Advertising;
  5. Expansion;
  6. Issue of shares;
  7. Business insurance.

     Before are begin to launch the work process, needed to define a niche and analyze the market and necessity of products or services. An entrepreneur must see the perspective of growth, predict future profits, calculate expenses on material and technical support, expenses on specialists, rent place of work, etc. 

Digitalizing business

     In the 21st century, the modern technological world will be the right choice for configuring business processes, automating selling, adjust logistics using engineering and information technology. Digitalization of business is necessary for achieving good results in each aspect of business management. Exactly, for the category of traders and provision of services that are the best choice, as for start-ups, also for is already developed companies. Without Informational Technology become possible to lead a business only in a local place where the base of the located firm. Also, the ancient methods for informing and searching for new clients will be more expensive than with the help of mobile networks, television, and via the Internet, but not without the oldest billboards, advertisement in stores, newspapers, posters in the metro, etc.

     New innovative technology allows recording all business activity in your pocket (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop). Even more with the use of professional web services become possible to manage:

- Chain of producing product;

- Monitoring productivity of personal;

- Controlling quality released product;

- Cooperate with partners B2B;

- Cooperate with customers B2C;

     Digital technology will help to expand the edge of business on the global layer. Relieve the process of managing means registration of employees, salary distribution, deliveries of raw materials, and delivery to the final consumer. Commonly, everything that entire businesses responsibilities possible to digitalize and control them remotely.

Commandments for the businessman 

     In the first step growth of a business, each entrepreneur must be ready to lead their team, execute all responsibilities, collaborate with partners, be knowledgeable in the technical process, and many others. Even if the company is already developing and somebody occupies some position in the management department. Everyone who occupies a high hierarchy role in the company should support commandments for the businessman, has a pack of hard and soft skills, be self-controlled, and self-discipline must have 100% responsibility for the result. 

Commandments of a businessman:

- 100% responsibility for the result;

- Correct goal setting;

- Correct motivation;

- Self-development, communication, and environment;

- Do not think, but act. Get the result now!

- Systemize and delegate;

- Money and reinvestment. 

     Entrepreneurs, project managers, and other professionals should be confident in their abilities and skills. Has a perspective vision for making the right decision, set up and executing the primary goals immediately, has good planning skills, must be communicative, insistence, and have a sense of purpose. Leadership is not easy as it might to seems is a hard job with self-improvement and self-perfection. Infinity process, which spending many energy and time to achieve a great result. Always need to develop not just necessarily hard skills for the work but also intrapersonal skills.

Business management automation

     Whatever company produce, trade, or provide social services, everything has a cyclist. That is already created many quality tools for the leading business in automated mode. In current years defined almost all human activities and created many work tools. That helping simplification and automation of any process that can exist in different spheres of activity. For the company, growth needs to invest money in development, buy new innovative tools, improve the quality of products, improve relations with partners, establish stable supplies, and in the end need to ensure the company and release its shares.

        Everything begins with small steps. With a time of hard-working, the small firm grows into a giant organization, separated into departments with different responsibilities. When needed to manage a whole business system with many processes, it’s time to integrate new engineering and information technology which will help to automate all work. The modern social world has solutions that help to automate any existing business process. Necessary to pay attention to investment to spend a lot of money on equipment, software, and qualified specialists.

Author: Roman Binevsky / Published: September 16, 2022 y.