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Each day is repeating, cycle of days in a week, month, and year. Each unique day is the whole opportunity to build your dream life. Day by day and you will come to the life you dreamt of. But now, we are talking not about dreams and the ways how to reach planned goals. We will lead a discussion about a healthy lifestyle, daily routine, habits, and the key skills that need to develop in yourself.

If you still thoughts that you will live and do some healthy stuff after when something happens, then you are making a mistake. It is only one life and no other else. You should realize that factor and build today the right habits in your daily life. It is easy to do, and that is even good for your body. Perhaps it is hard on the first step, but with time it will become your nature.

Also, you need to understand the difference between your types of health and the relationship between them. Physical (body), psychological (mind), and spiritual (energy) health has different methods and techniques for improvements. They are related to each other.

The daily routine is similar to program execution. You first begin to motivate yourself, after planning your actions, and later programming and program execution. When you finally integrated healthy habits into your daily being, you need just only control over the result. The only thing that one needs to know is what exactly one needs to do for leading a healthy lifestyle. So, let’s see the list below with habits that will make your life healthy and improve you in a common.

  1. Wake up in the first minutes after you opened your eyes;
  2. Drinking a glass of water or juice;
  3. Do not think about anything in the first hour after awakeness. The first hour in your brain began the process of destroying the biochemical element Melatonin (hormone of sleep). So, after when you drank one glass of juice immediately execute warm-up;
  4. After one hour of physical exercise, you should switch your attention from the body to your mind. Take paper and pen, and begin to write your thoughts. Everything that you have in your mind. You will activate your mind. You will activate the process of thinking logically. You will recover your memory, and your brain in general.
  5. On the five-step, you shall remember yourself, your intentions, and your goals. And time for breakfast. Good nutrition is a crucial aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle. Eat some eggs with meat or milk with cheese. 
  6. So, it’s time to create a list of the most important tasks today. But before first rewatch your common goals for the year.
  7. The morning is the best time to read and study something new. Determine knowledge that you want or need to study and read something ½ or even one-hour new information.
  8. Is time to walk in the fresh air. Go to the city and walk around the town. That will give you inspiration for moving forward.
  9. Get back home and power on your computer/laptop. We are living in the 21st century, so in time when you read these words, you should have not only your laptop but also your web application. So, rewatch your web application.
  10. It’s time for a coffee break. Now you are ready to move forward. Whatever business you keep in coffee time you should know your future actions today.
  11. Digital working;
  12. Networking (meeting, negotiation, relationships);
  13. It’s time for lunch.

So, that is passed half of the day a healthy lifestyle. After lunch takes a break for half an hour and later the next half of the day you need to control your health program and move forward.

The key aspect of a healthy lifestyle is:

- Self-discipline;

- Regular sport;

- Healthy nutrition;

- Self-education & Self-development;

- Motion (walking, running);

- Achievements new goals;

- Rest & sleep;

- Following your authentic goals.

This life is not a miracle as in the movies and everything that have good qualities for you and the environment might be reached with help of hard work. You might have difficulties in the first weeks, but when these habits will become your daily routine, you will just going to live and lead a healthy lifestyle.

About healthy lifestyle, personality development, business achievements, and many more, you can find in the non-fiction book “Spirit $kill$”. The book focused specifically on International Freelancers who are living and working in remote mode. The book contains hundreds of skills and step-by-step guides on how to achieve the necessary results in each sphere of your life.


Author: Roman Binevsky / Published: November 01, 2022 y.