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     Time is an abstract concept that cannot be perceived with the help of the sensory system (eyes, ears, taste, etc.). Time is an action, or motion which has been determined and calculated with the use of math science. Time had become the nature of human beings and the system of measurement of the progress of achievements in human businesses. Time has become a value of education, success, wealth, and so on. Time is an unstoppable process which everyone may to intense as their wishes.

     Each human lives in this life just only one time from the born to die. His or her heart bit on a cycle basis if looking on for that from the arranged viewpoint. But when you look at human life over the scale of centuries, human life, heartbeat has a linear progression. The human body has the property to complete the function of blood circulation. That is the nature of human beings.

Time has the next characteristics:

  1. Scale (ordinal, discrete, continuous)
  2. Scope (point-based, interval-based)
  3. Arrangement (linear, cyclic)
  4. Viewpoint (ordered, branching, multiple perspectives)

     Each property consists of a few other preferences. So, clearly understand time conception, you should remember your history. Actions that had, was/were, had been in your past. As you already know the time might be fixed in motion. So, let's try to remember the actions of your life and understand which characteristic of time you can to descry at some point in the past.

     In a time when you acquire time conception, you simultaneously develop in yourself the skill of time management. That skill is essential in the modern world. Where everything has a value of counting and reports. Orientation in time, and managing your personal time is much quality to improve your life! Value your time as it is do not cost the money.

Author: Roman Binevsky / Published: October 26, 2022 y.